About Us

Workforce Opportunity and Retraining Council is a new and exciting non profit Organization located in beautiful St. Petersburg Fl, established by founder Clarence E Cubby Jr. the organization has dedicated itself to one of the biggest and fluent challenges facing our Country, the Unemployment crisis. As a local business owner of 9 years (Chucks Mobile Services) in my own community, I understand first hand the challenges faced by so many of our neighbors and friends with the uncertainty of making an honest and decent living through hard work. We must all come together to address this problem as the emergency situation it has become and with your support WORC4HOPE has taken on the challenge to revolutionize the way we handle unemployment across this country and most importantly right here at home by creating our own community service industry which will provide direct hire positions with decent liveable wages we will work hard and aggressive and stay focused on our mission until we have eliminated the epidemic sweeping our nation

Our Mission

To Provide an innovative solution to a deep-rooted issue plaguing the Tampa Bay community and our Country, by taking a sensible and sustainable approach to personal development and unemployment with a focus on America's Youths and Veterans, together we will provide long-term meaningful Training & Life Changing Assistance including Employment, to our Community​. The first of its kind with a game changing ability our programs are at the cutting edge of innovation by being a direct hire and not a job placement organization. Worc4Hope will revolutionize the way Non-Profits attack the challenge of unemployment across the nation. There are no Organizations in the US that primarily offer direct hires to America's Youths and Veterans as their primary programs.

Our Goals

Worc 4 Hopes goal is to provide developmental skills and direct employment to the most affected groups throughout our country by joining hands with local businesses and other organizations we can make a valuable difference in the lives of 1000’s of people by Hiring, Training, and Empowering God’s Children by breaking downs barriers to allow those we serve to fulfill their dreams through our passion.


5 Year Goal - 4,000 to 5,000 Full-time jobs in the State of Florida at $1,700.00  per month


$12 million per year fundraising goal


Life skill and Training programs for Employees Statewide


Implement programs to decrease recidivism among Florida's prisons

Our Team

Charles Hunter

Life Coach 

Clarence Cubby

Founder & Director

Tera Hunter

Chief of Marketing